Leica LDT-05 Digital Theodolite

Model No: VP-AV02 | Make: VPCIVIL | Origin: India | Standard: As per IS

The Vibrating Table Proper compaction of cement concrete while casting specimens for compression testing is essential to achieve higher compressive strength. Vertex Vibrating Table is ideally suited for this purpose.

The tabletop is suitable to hold cube moulds and has stops along its edges to prevent moulds from sliding off the table during operation. The specially designed vi bro motor for operating the vibrator.

Tabletop size : 750 x 750 mm 1000 x 1000 mm also available at an extra cost. Both models operates on 440 volts, A.C. Three Phase

Product Description

Cube Mould Vibrating Table

  • The Vibrating table is entirely constructed of thick steel.
  • The table top is made of thick mild steel plate and has stops along its edges to prevent moulds from walking off the table during operation.
  • A cross arm adjustable on a vertical rod at the centre of the table is provided to hold the moulds while operating the table.
  • The variable pitch pulley arrangement permits the variation of frequency between maximum of 3600 vibrations down to 2600 vibrations per minute.
  • A speed regulation handle is provided for increasing or decreasing the frequency.
  • The vibrator is mounted on cushioned steel vibrating deck. A switch is provided for starting the motor. Operation on 440 V, three phase, A.C. supply.

Table Sizes

  • 50 X 50 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm
  • 75 x 75 cm
  • 100 x 100 cm
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