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GNSS receivers for GIS Data Collection and Mobile GIS.

Leica ZRover FieldGenius Zeno 20 – 1cm Accuracy

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Leica ZRover FieldGenius Zeno 20 enables you to locate, measure, record and share GIS information more accurately, as well as carry out multiple tasks on one device, improving efficiency. FieldGenius is an easy-to-use data collection software for surveying & GIS tasks. With stake out commands for points, lines, arcs, alignments and 3D surfaces,

MobileMapper 10

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MobileMapper 10 Compact and lightweight, MobileMapper 10 is a complete, easy to use mapping solution for real-time collection of meter accurate data. With MobileMapper 10, organizations will improve the quality of their georeferenced information and their productivity with direct positive impact on operational costs. Featured highlights Real time meter accuracy Ready to use mapping solution