Leica TS01 Total Station Flexline Series

The Leica TS01 total station empowers you to carry out measurement tasks with ease and simplicity. The Leica Flexline TS 01 is an entry-level manual total station, created to help you master surveying, layout and mapping projects. It will prove itself in the field and immediately become a valuable member of your team.

  • Powerful distance measurement: Enjoy the benefits of a 500 m non-prism range and 3,000 m prism range, always combined with accuracy and measurement speed.
  • Fast setup and measurements: increase your productivity with built-in sensors like an electronic dual axis compensator, a laser plummet, intuitive field software and short keys for quick menu access.
  • Your all-in-one package: The TS01 comes with Leica Geosystems accessories, such as a long-operating battery, a charger and a tribrach tested to perform best – when every detail counts.
  • Benefit from Leica Geosystems service and support: Make use of the well-established Leica Geosystems’ service and support network.
  • 5″ angular accuracy, Laser Plummet
  • Internal Memory Approx 50,000 Points, USB Memory Support

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Key Feature of Leica Flexline TS01 Reflectorless Total Station

Leica TS01 is a classic manual total station for standard measuring tasks, enabling you to carry out most survey and layout tasks easily and efficiently.

Be it building construction, civil engineering or surveying and mapping – the Leica TS 01 helps you tackle your daily challenges and tasks trouble-free:

  • Managing directors of construction departments benefit from minimal downtime of your survey crews to deliver projects under budget and in time.
  • Survey managers can rely on the highest product durability in the market, which increases your planning certainty.
  • Surveyors work faster by measuring more points per day with less measurement errors and rework.

Leica FlexLine: The new generation of manual total stations
The new Leica FlexLine series is based on a proven product concept, revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years. Unlike any other manual total stations in the market, Leica Geosystems manual total stations focus on providing the highest quality, the lowest total cost of ownership and the longest durability in the industry, enabling users to work with purpose-driven solutions for the best performance results.

The Leica TS01 Reflectorless Manual Total Station is one of the top-class instruments with an accurate EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) technology that offers a reflectorless range up to 1,640 feet (500 m). This manual total station operates a range of 9,842 feet (3,000 m) using a single prism.

The TS 01 total station features a dual axis compensation with Hz collimation and V index correction, the Leica TS01 telescope has a 28x magnification, 3” resolving power and a focusing range of 4.92 feet to infinity. It utilizes a Laser class 2 laser plummet that covers a Diameter of laser point 2.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height. To easily manage data, it has an RS232 interface and a USB stick interface.

Leica Total Station TS01 Technical Specifications:

Leica FlexLine TS01
Accuracy Hz and V Absolute, continuous 5’’
  • Display resolution: 0.1″ (0.1 mgon)
  • Dual axis compensation with Hz collimation and V index correction
  • Compensator range: +/- 8′
  • Longitudinal level sensitivity: 2’/2 mm
  • Prism (GPR1, GPH1P): 1.5m to 3,000m
  • Non-Prism: up to 500m2
  • Single prism: 2 mm + 2 ppm
  • Non-Prism: 3 mm + 2 ppm3
Measurement time Prism mode

  • Standard: 1.5 s
  • Quick: 1.1 s
  • Tracking: 0.15 s
Non-prism mode

  • Standard: 1.4 s
  • Quick: 1.1 s
Laser dot size At 50 m: 12 mm × 24 mm yes
  • Magnification: 28x
  • Focusing range: 1.5 m / 4.92 ft to infinity
  • Field of view: 1°30’ / 1.66 gon
  • Field width at 100 m: 2.8 m
  • Adjustable reticule illumination
Display and keyboard 240×128 px, grayscale, 28 keys display background light, face 1 yes
  • Coarse and fine drive for HZ & V
  • Operating system: Free RT/OS
  • Shortcut keys
Power management Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery yes
Operating time with GEB264 up to 24h
Data storage
  • Internal memory: 50,000 points
  • USB memory device for data transfer
Interfaces USB yes
Laser plummet
(Laserclass 2)

  • Plumb line deviation: 1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
  • Diameter of laser point: 2.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Weight With battery and tribrach 5.9kg
Environmental specifications Working temperature range: –20°C to +60°C yes
Dust / Water (IEC 60529) / IP55 no
Storage temperature range: –30°C to +60°C℃ yes


  1. Overcast, no haze, visibility about 40 km, no heat shimmer
  2. Object in shade, sky overcast, Kodak Gray Card white side (90% reflective)
  3. Up to 200 m. Above 200 m: 5 mm + 3 ppm

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Leica Flexline TS01 Total Station Catalog
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Leica TS01 Manual Total Station – Best-in-class and easy to use

With the new FlexLine series, Leica introduced an enhanced environmental protection. The new FlexLine instruments deliver the precision and accuracy not just under standard conditions but also under extreme conditions and over the entire product lifetime. All these aspects contribute to the durability of Leica Flexline total stations.

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