Leica Advanced Builder 500 Total StationLeica Builder 500 – when a construction plan goes digital

Call up plan data and record points eliminates read and write errors, data exchange via industrial grade USB stick simplifies data handling, a direct DXF download function, tracking mode, setup any-where function, optional volumes calculation and laser distance measurements up to 3500m make the Leica Builder 500 a real workhorse.

Powersite Software

The Leica Builder 500 Series are all equipped with the built-in Leica PowerSite Software, specifically designed to meet the requirements of construction experts for their daily work on the site. High performance and amazing ease-of-use make this software the ideal solution for every layout task.

With the built-in Leica PowerSite Software, every layout task on the construction site is a piece of cake.  It is fast and professional, yet easy to use and learn. The user additionally benefits from the most advanced electronic distance measurement and pinpoint accuracy.

Fast and efficient layout
All the user has to do is turn on the Leica Builder, the software starts automatically and you can begin to layout. New features of the Leica PowerSite Software extend the users’ possibilities such as calculate volumes, layout of curved structures, measuring to hidden points and layout using intersection points or grid points. Graphical elements guide the user through the software and make all tasks visually understandable, starting from the first levelling of the instrument,  to a computed block volume. Even the switch between the various Leica Builders is simple, as they all use the Leica PowerSite Software.

Unique Laser Plummet

in the latitude of the unique laser devices to ensure the accuracy and reliable, never need adjustment, adjustable brightness. In dark conditions, more obvious advantages.

Leica Builder 500 Total Station Product Information

Leica Builder 500 Total Station – turning construction sites digital. The Leica Builder 500 total station is an all-round instrument. Whether you require a total station that performs routine surveying tasks or a professional highly accurate instrument, the Leica Builder 500 has all the features to meet your demands.

Benefits of The Builder 500 are:

  • Call up plan data and record points eliminate read and write errors.
  • Data exchange via industrial grade USB stick simplifies data handling.
  • A direct DXF download function.
  • Tracking mode.
  • Setup anywhere function.
  • Optional volumes calculation.
  • Laser distance measurement up to 250m.

Leica Builder 500 Options:

The Leica Builder 500 is available in two accuracies:

  • Builder 505 – 5″ Angle Measurement
  • Builder 503 – 3″ Angle Measurement

Unique Features of Leica Builder 500 Series Total Station

Multilingual Function

If you have a crew that speak different languages then the Leica Builder 500 is the ideal total station for you. The Leica Builder is the only instrument in its class that comes with multiple languages on-board. Switching between languages is fast and easy with only one keystroke, improving convenience and efficiency. The Leica Builder 500 total station allows 3 languages to be displayed at the same time.


With “Direct.dxf” functionality, data can be read directly from the instrument in dxf-format and read into AutoCAD® on a PC without any intermediate steps. Coordinates and point numbers can be stored in different layers.

Theft protection

A PIN-code system features on the Leica Builder 500 to prevent unauthorised persons from using the instrument. This increases your data security. Without correct code, the equipment cannot be operated, data erased and makes it  less appealing to steal, which protects you from having damages, increases your safety and possibly lowers your insurance rates.

Leica Builder 500 Delivery Package:

  1. CTB101 Black Tribrach (01 No.)
  2. GEB211 Battery (02 Nos.)
  3. GKL221 Charger (complete with car adapter cable) (01 No.)
  4. CPR111 Builder Prism (01 No.)
  5. GLS115 Mini Reflector Pole set with point (01 No.)
  6. GEV223 Data Cable TS to USB (01 No.)
  7. MS1, 1Gb USB Stick (01 No.)
  8. User Manual (01 No.)
  9. Carry Case (01 No.)
Builder Specifications Leica Builder 100 Leica Builder 200 Leica Builder 300 Leica Builder 400 Leica Builder 500
Full Power Site Software Y
Wireless Communication Y
Prism Measurement Mode Y Y
Full alphanumeric keyboard Y Y
Volumes Calculation Y Y Y
Data Im/Export to USB Stick Y Y Y
PC/Handheld Interface Y Y Y Y
Laser Distance Measure Y Y Y Y
Control Line Setup Y Y Y Y
3 Languages Y Y Y Y Y
Leveling Aid Y Y Y Y Y
Dual Axis Compensator Y Y Y Y Y
Laser Plummet Y Y Y Y Y
Li-Ion Batteries Y Y Y Y Y
Internal Memory
15’000 50’000 50’000
Angular Accuracy 9”, 6” 9”, 6” 9”, 6” 9”, 5” 9”, 5”, 3”
Distance without reflector (90% reflective) 80m 120m 150m 250m
Distance to reflective tape (60mm x 60mm) 250m 250m 150m 250m
Distance to glass prism 500 (3500)m 500 (3500)m
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