Leica DISTO Buyer’s Guide

The leica disto buyers guide

Helping you choose the right laser measure

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Here at The Tape Store we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell. That applies to pocket tapes, surveyors’ tapes and measuring wheels but especially laser measures. Make the wrong choice when buying one of these and you could become the victim of unreliability, inaccuracy and shoddy build quality.

Which Leica DISTO is right for me?

That’s why we encourage our customers to only buy laser measures from Leica Geosystems. Leica invented the laser measure with the very first model being released in 1993. Not only were they the pioneers of this revolutionary new technology, they have continued to stay at the forefront of laser measure product development ever since. Still the laser measure manufacturer for anyone who values accuracy, reliability, build quality and usability, in many professionals’ eyes there’s simply no comparison between the competition.

Today there are 9 DISTO ™ laser measures in the Leica range but boy are they all different. They range in price from £90 (ex. VAT) to well over £1,000 (ex. VAT) – quite a considerable range! As a result, unless you already know which one you need, there are a number of questions that you have to ask yourself before settling on the right DISTO™ for you.

This section has been put together to make choosing the right DISTO ™ simplicity itself. Below you’ll discover two simple, easy to understand table showing the pros and cons of the various models in the DISTO ™ range. If this doesn’t help straight after you’ll find a short question and answer section that should give you all the information you need to confidently make the right decision.



Leica DISTO Comparison Tables

The following tables compares all the key features, technical specifications and functions of each DISTO ™ against the rest of the model range. To make it easier for you to find the model you need, we’ve split the range into those more suited for indoor use and those also suited for use outdoors.

Mainly indoor use

All Leica Disto laser measures are ideal for measuring indoors but, if you’re unlikely to be measuring over extreme distances, some of the more expensive models may be overkill. With the following 5 tools, the user needs to be able to see the red dot reflected on the surface being measured to.


Disto D2





Technical Specifications D110 D2 D210 X310 D3a BT
Price (ex. VAT) £87.00 £69.99 £99.00 £145.00 £299.00
Price (inc. VAT) £104.00 £83.99 £118.80 £174.00 £358.80
Measurement range (m) 60 60 80 120 100
Measurement accuracy (mm) ± 1.5 ± 1.5 ± 1.0 ± 1.0 ± 1.0
Measurement units m, in, ft m, in, ft m, in, ft m, in, ft m, in, ft
Bluetooth® data transmission Yes No No No Yes
Bluetooth® smart connectivity Yes No No No No
Timer No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tilt sensor No No No 360° ±45°
Power Range Technology™ Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Multi-function end-piece (able to measure from corners and edges) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tripod thread No No Yes Yes Yes
Backlit display Yes Yes