South Reflectorless Total Station 350R Series India

South Total Station NTS-350/350R Series

The South Total Station are versatile with complete on-board applications. The internal memory is available up to 17,000 points,  and with the newly-designed numeric & alphabetic keypad, such Total Stations would definitely offer you total relaxation during operation.

The South Total Station NTS-350/350R comes with two 8 hour NiMH battery packs. An optical plummet site for quick easy set-up. A 4 line adjustable LCD display for easy data manipulation. Four yellow function buttons to guide you through the angle, distance and coordinate operations. The on-board applications will save you time and money in the field. Perform remote elevations, resections, missing lines and stakeout quickly and accurately.

South NTS-350/350R Total Station Applications:

South NTS350 Total Station Application

South NTS 350/350R Total Stations Specifications:

Models NTS-352L NTS-352R NTS-355L NTS-355R
Distance Measurement (20km visible normal condition)
Max. Range Reflectorless N/A 300m N/A 300m
With Prism 5.0Km
Display Max. 9999999.999 m
Min. 0.1mm
Precision With Prism 2+2ppm
Without Prism N/A 5+3ppm N/A 5+3ppm
Measuring Time Fine 1.0s
Track 0.5s
Atmospheric Correction Manual input, Auto correction
Reflection prism correction Manual input, Auto correction
Angle Measurement
Measuring method Absolute code
Raster diameter 79mm
Min display unit 1″/5″Selectable
Accuracy 2″ 5″
Detection method Horizontal Dual
Vertical Dual
Image Erect
Tube length 154mm
Effective aperture 45mm (EDM: 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Field of view 1°30′
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.2m
Resolving Power 3″
Auto Compensator
System Dual axis Liquid-electric
Work range ±3′
Accuracy 1″
Plate vial 30″/2mm
Circular vial 8’/2mm
Optical Plummet
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing range 0.5m~8
Field of view
On-board Battery
Power supply Rechargeable Ni-H battery
Voltage DC 6V
Continuous operation time 8hours(Small battery) / 10hours(Big battery)
Size & weight
Dimension 200mm x 180mm x 350mm
Weight 5.8Kg