Kryptton is a young Indian brand that specializes in designing simple and affordable civil surveying, gnss, measuring instruments for everyone. Developed for both frequent and occasional users, Kryptton’s solid tools guide them through their tasks with ease. Kryptton utilizes a world-wide network of distribution partners.

Kryptton GNSS Receiver

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Kryptton GNSS Receiver empowered by a high precision inertial measurement unit (IMU) on Ultimate version, Kryptton GNSS receiver is a new generation of tilt survey GNSS receiver. This kind of calibration-free tilt compensation is immune to magnetic disturbances. Kryptton GNSS receiver gives a surveyor unprecedented flexibility and efficiency - holding the survey pole

Kryptton KT-02 Digital Theodolite

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The Kryptton KT-02 digital electronic theodolite is designed for enhanced reliability in construction applications. Its advanced features let contractors work faster and longer, improving productivity and increasing profitability. With vertical compensation and 2" accuracy the Kryptton Digital Theodolite KT-02 provides you with the precision required for your most demanding jobs for an affordable

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