Leica GST 101 Wooden Tripod

Leica GST 101 Wooden Tripod

The Leica GST101 heavy wooden tripod is made from pine and proves itself for precise back-sights and control points.

The stability of the original
Leica Geosystems tripods are manufactured solely from wood or aluminium. Wood, especially the beech and pine used by Leica Geosystems, offers the best stability values, measured on vertical movement and horizontal drift over time. Wood also exhibits optimal vibration characteristics and therefore delivers substantial benefits, especially in the use of motorised TPS. The surfaces of the wooden tripods are sealed several times to prevent moisture absorption and to maximum longevity. Aluminium tripods are robust and save weight, their range of application is however limited.

Leica Art No. 726831

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Transparent Choice – The best tripod for your requirements
Leica Geosystems offers you a large selection of high-value tripods for all survey instruments and applications. The right tripod choice is decisive if the indicated accuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The classification “heavy duty” and “light duty” is widely based on ISO Norm 12858-2. They differ through the stability requirements and instrument weight.