NAK 2 Leica Automatic LevelPrecision Levels for all your stringent requirements.

Leica NA2 and Leica NAK2 are two universal automatic levels meet all the requirements of precision levelling.

Angle measurement with the NAK2
The model NAK2 has an internal glass circle which is read via a scale microscope and which can be set to any value by turning the rim around the base of the instrument. Tacheometric levelling is also available with the K-version on fl at terrain by combining stadia and angular measurements with height readings.

  • Standard deviation per km: 0.7mm (double-run levelling). Protection: IP53. Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C. Weight: 2kg.
  • Telescope – Magnifi cation: 32x. Clear objective aperture: 45mm. Shortest focusing distance: 1.6m, Multiplication factor: 100. Additive constant: 0.
  • Compensator – Working range: ± 30’. Setting accuracy (stand. dev.): 0.3”. Sensitivity of circular level: 10/2mm. Graduation interval of Hz: 1 °.

Leica’s top-class optical quality gives the NA2 & NAK2 a bright high contrast image.

  • push button compensator check
  • endless horizontal drive for left and right handed users
  • coarse and fine focusing knob
  • play-free footscrews
  • optional eyepieces available
  • top-class optics
Technical Specification NA2 NAK2
Magnification 32x 32x
Gas Filled Telescope Yes Yes
Angle Measurement 360° 360°
Multiplication factor/additive constant 100/0 100/0
Accuracy standard deviation per km double run 2.5mm 2.5mm
Dust/water IP53 IP53
Working temperature -20°C
Storage temperature -40°C
Dimensions 25x25x-
Weight 2.4kg 2.4kg

To improve accuracy a parallel plate micrometer can be fitted over the telescope objective. The parallel plate micrometer permits direct readings to 0.1mm and estimated readings to 0.01mm. This makes the NA2 and NAK2 an ideal precise level for deformation studies or industrial measuring tasks.

The NAK2 model has an internal glass circle for reading horizontal angles. Combined with the stadia calculation of distances from staff readings the NAK2 circle adds the application benefit of detail survey work.