Prexiso Automatic Levels

Prexiso Automatic Construction Level

Setup, ready, measure!

  • Available in four magnifications
  • Automatic compensator
  • Horizontal circle with 360° graduation

Prexiso CL 20 24 28 32
Standard deviation per
1 km double-run levelling ISO17123-2
2.5mm 2.5mm 2.0mm 2.0mm


Telescope image upright
Magnification 20× 24× 28× 32×
Clear objective lens 36 mm
Shortest focusing distance < 1.1 m
Field of view at 100 m < 2.1 m
Multiplication constant 100
Additive constant 0


Working range ± 15’
Setting accuracy
(standard deviation)
Circular bubble 10’ / 2 mm

Horizontal circle

Graduation 360°
Weight (net) 1.5 kg
Operating temperature range –20 °C to +40 °C

About Prexiso

Prexiso is a young Swiss company who specializes in offering simple and affordable measurement tools for everyone.

Developed for both frequent and occasional users, Prexiso’s solid tools guide them through their tasks with ease. Being designed in Switzerland, care is taken to ensure every Prexiso product is ready for all environments. Prexiso utilizes a world-wide network of distribution partners.