Sokkia Rotating Laser LP-415 India

SOKKIA LP415 Self-Leveling Rotating Laser

Sokkia Rotating Laser LP415 Leveling Laser is compact, lightweight, rugged and affordable. The LP415 provides a 300-meter working range in diameter, more than enough for most construction and interior/exterior work. High-speed self-leveling at the press of a button, a visible red laser and H.I. Alert to prevent false readings make this laser ideal for the construction industry.

300-meter working range

  • The LP415 provides a 300m (1,000 ft.) working range in diameter, more than enough for most interior/exterior work.

Highly-reliable, high-speed self-leveling

  • Horizontal accuracy of 15 arc seconds.
  • Simply press the button and the LP415 quickly levels itself and start rotating.

Visible red laser

  • A flashing red light in the laser-emission window makes laser projection clearly noticeable even at a distance.

Compact, lightweight yet rugged

  • The lightweight 2 kg (4.4 lb.) body conforms to the IP56 specification for superior dust- and water-resistance to withstand demanding construction environments.

H.I.Alert for extra reliability

  • The laser beam will shut off as soon as the instrument is tilted or jarred to prevent false readings.

Comes complete with:

  • SOKKIA LR200 Dual Face Multi Colour Detector & Bracket
  • Dry Cell Batteries and Holder
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Manual
  • Optional rechargeable Battery & Charger

Sokkia Rotating Laser LP-415 Technical Specifications:

Sokkia Rotating Laser LP-415 Tech Specs
Sokkia Rotating Laser LP-415 Technical Specs