Leica Disto D810 Touch Laser Rangefinder with integrated camera and color touch screen 3.2″ for an intuitive navigation similar to a smartphone, to measure indirect heights and distances thanks to its tilt sensor.

Measure in the photo and document with the integrated camera.

The world’s first laser distance meter with touch screen for quick and intuitive operation. With the built-in camera can shoot measurement and site situations.

“See what you measure, measure what you see” Leica Disto D810

Disto D810 Laser Rangefinder

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Laser Rangefinder Leica Disto D810

Determining distances in a captured picture is also possible. Only the distance to the object is measured. Then the desired result with arrows in the display can be selected and the measured value is displayed.

The images can be transferred to a computer via the USB interface. Measurement data can also be transferred via Bluetooth ® Smart. This improves fast sketching of floor plans or even the dimension of photos on the smartphone or tablet with the iOS or Android operating systems.

Leica Disto D810 Touch Features:

  • Quick and intuitive override facility on the touch screen.
  • Measurement of widths, heights and areas right in the photo.
  • Documentation of construction situations with a digital photo, thanks to the camera function.
  • Staking intervals of the previously stored measurement with the marking out lengths.
  • Adding and subtracting measured values.
  • Even without reflection heights measured with the height tracking.
  • Automatic calculation of areas and volumes.
  • Clearly readable and backlit display.
  • Determine roof slopes from great distances at twice the tilt measurement.
  • Distance measurement up to 200 m.
  • Simple calculation of areas and solid angles thanks to the triangular function.
  • Determination of the diagonals of a room with the Minimum-/Maximummessung.
  • Facades and roof pitches calculate the trapezoidal measurement.
  • Create terrain profiles with altitude profile measurement.
  • Indirect height and width measurements thanks to Pythagoras.
  • Measurements in sunlight and long distances with digital zoom and 4x zoom.
  • Multifunctional end-piece with automatic detection.
  • Measure inclinations up to 360 °.
  • Indirectly measure distances over obstacles with the Smart Horizontal Mode.
  • Delayed triggering of the measurements by timer.
  • Wall surfaces calculated with the painter function.
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth Smart (V4.0).
  • Defined automatically add or subtract values ​​for all measurements with the offset function.
  • Measurements under unfavorable conditions such as poor reflection on the Long Range Mode.
  • Fast data transfer via USB interface.
  • Transmission of measured values ​​to any processing programs thanks to keyboard mode.
Technical Specifications
Range 0.05 to 200 m
Accuracy 1 mm
Tilt sensor 360°
IP protection class IP54
Batteries Li-Ion Battery
Battery capacity measurements 4,000
Tripod thread 1/4 “
Dimensions 164 x 61 x 31 mm
Weight 238 g

 Scope of delivery

  1. Disto D810 Touch
  2. Belt Bag
  3. Hand Strap
  4. Calibration
  5. Charger
  6. Manual
  7. Transfer software
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