Bosch CST-berger DGT-2 Digital Theodolite

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Bosch DGT 2 Electronic TheodoliteThe Bosch DGT-2 features 2″ angular accuracy with a vertical tilt sensor that compensates telescope transiting to allow for instrument set up accuracy.

When Projecting a line or plumbing columns or walls, the Bosch DGT 2 will state to user the actual variance in true plumb and allow user to accurately and quickly turn the instrument back to a plumb position.

The CST/berger DGT 2 features dual digital displays and a simple 6-key user interface that makes using the instrument very simple and easy.

The Bosch DGT-2 inclused an optical plummet that allows the user to align instrument directly over a reference point without having to use the old plumbob method. The telescope is 30X and the minimum focus is 53″.

The DGT2 also features a 1:100 stadia ratio that allows operators to quickly estimate distances in the field. Working range is approximately 450′ in radius.

Features of Bosch DGT-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite

  • State of the art glass encoder
  • 2 LCD panels with large, easy-to-read numbers
  • 2 second horizontal and vertical readout
  • Crosshair and display panel illumination built-in
  • Clockwise/Counterclockwise horizontal angle measurement options
  • Vertical angle measuring; provides three different options plus percentage of grade
  • Vertical Tilt Sensor monitors the tilt angle in x-axis
  • Three different ways to read vertical angles
  • Zero resetting
  • Auto Power Off Option: if unit is not moved it will shut off in- 20 minutes, 30 minutes or infinity.
  • Can use rechargeable battery pack, or 4 AA Alkaline batteries. Average runtime of 15 hours using alkaline batteries.
  • Optical plummet
  • Water resistant, sealed construction
  • Removable tribrach for multiple set-ups