Leica Distance Meter D5 India

Leica DISTO D5-Your powerful partner for outdoors

Leica Disto D5 World’s First: First laser distance meter with digital Pointfinder (4x zoom), large 2.4“ color display and ± 45°tilt sensor is now available!


The Leica DISTO™ D5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, particularly when you are working outdoors.

  • Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • Large colour display screen (2.4 inches)
  • Inclination measurement up to ± 45°
  • Power Range Technology™
  • Robust with IP 54

The Leica DISTO D5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, particularly when you are working outdoors. Its large, high resolution colour display presents the measurement results and additional information in an easy to read format. A wealth of functions helps you quickly and precisely to resolve almost any measurement situation. A robust housing gives optimum protection against splash water and dust.

Digital Pointfinder
The integrated digital Pointfinder with a 4x zoom and 2.4“ color display makes finding the target at long distances much easier. Its high resolution capability provides a sharp, crystal-clear image, which allows measurements to be taken even in glaring sunshine.

Tilt sensor
Thanks to the in-built tilt sensor, you can quickly and simply measure tilts up to ± 45°. The tilt sensor also allows you to measure absolutely horizontally or measure past obstructions (horizontal distance).

Power Range Technology™
The integrated Power Range Technology™ allows you to measure long distances very simply. Measure up to 100 m without a target plate, and even up to 200 m using a target plate, without having to take a single step.

Spot-on measurement
The laser makes it possible! The laser dot is clearly visible, therefore you always know exactly where you are measuring, which is especially useful in difficult to access places. So you can take absolutely precise measurements, even over long distances.

Details displayed
The Leica Disto D5 having additional information about the measurements, e.g. room dimensions or angles, is available at the touch of a button.

Leica Disto D5 Delivery Package:

  • Holster
  • Hand loop
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Manual / safety instructions
  • Producer certificate M in accordance with DIN 55350-18-4.2.2
  • Quickstart guide
Features Your advantages
Measuring range of 0.05 up to 200 m
(0.16 ft up to 650 ft)
typ. accuracy ± 1.0 mm (± 0.04 in)*
Precise, quick and reliable measurements
Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom and high resolution color display Convenient measuring to distant objects, even in strong sunlight
Power Range Technology™ Measure long distances, up to 100 m without and 200 m with a target plate
Tilt sensor Measure vertical angles up to ± 45° at the touch of a button
Horizontal distance measurement using the tilt sensor It’s no problem to determine distances despite obstructions
Trapezium function Simple and quick measurement of roof slopes and facade areas
Pythagorean functions Indirect height and width measurements at inaccessible positions
Detailed display Additional measurement information available at a touch of a button, e.g. angle information



    Interior   Exterior
Functions DXT D2 D3a D3a BT
D5 D8
Smart Horizontal Mode™
Min / max measurement
Continuous measurement
Addition / subtraction
Area / volume measurements
Pythagoras functions
Room dimensions
Horizontal distance
Trapezium measurements
Indirect measurements
using tilt sensor
Line Levelling
 Technical Data  DXT  D2  D3a  D3a BT  D5  D8
Typical measuring accuracy ± 1.5 mm ± 1.5 mm ± 1.0 mm ± 1.0 mm ± 1.0 mm ± 1.0 mm
Range 0.05
– 70 m
– 60 m
– 100 m
– 100 m
–200 m
–200 m
 Measuring units m, ft, in m, ft, in, yd
 Power Range Technology™
 Distance in m
Ø of the laser dot in mm
10, 50, 100 m
6, 30, 60 mm
10, 50, 100 m
6, 30, 60 mm
Tilt sensor
Measuring range
Accuracy to the laser beam
Accuracy to the housing
± 45°
± 0.3°
± 0.3°
± 45°
± 0.3°
± 0.3°
± 0.1°
± 0.1°
Units in the tilt sensor 0.0°, 0.0% 0.0°, 0.00%
mm/m, in/ft
4-fold digital viewfinder
Store constant values 1 1
Memory recall 10 10 20 20 20 30
Time delay release (timer)
Display illumination
Free software
Data interface Bluetooth
(Class 2)
(Class 2)
per set of batteries
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
Multifunctional end-piece automatic manual automatic automatic automatic automatic
Tripod thread
Batteries AAA 2×1.5 AA 2×1.5
Protection class IP 65 IP 54 IP 54
Dimensions 122×55
×28 mm
111× 42
× 23 mm
127×49×27.3 mm 143.5×55×30 mm
Weigh with batteries 159g 90g 149g 150g 195g 205g

Leica Disto D5 Laser Measuring Meter Demo Video

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