Bosch Wall & Floor Tile Laser GTL 3Bosch GTL 3 Wall and Floor Tile Laser

NEW Bosch GTL3 Wall and Floor tile laser complete with carry case, metal base plate and additional red laser target plate.

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Laying floor and wall tiles
The Bosch Wall and Floor Tile Laser Level GTL 3 is an ideal tool for laying all floor and wall tiles. The Bosch GTL3 as the name suggests is the only tile laser level on the market to project a third line in the 450 direction in addition to the two standard right-angled lasers. This makes not only parallel laying but also diagonal laying of the tiles very easy and quick. The Bosch GTL 3 Professional Tile Laser can also be used for many other jobs such as wallpapering, boarding, and when laying stones

Clearly visible lasers 
The lasers on the Bosch GTL3 new tile laser level are clearly visible thanks to the new strong focusing optical components designed by Bosch. The range when used with the target plate includined is upto 20 meters. The laser line accuracy of 0.2 millimeters per meter makes the Bosch GTL 3 the best tile laser in its class.

Designed for the job 
More convenient working is ensured by the lightweight and compact design, and the single-button operation. Two magnetic feet make it easier to fit the tool on a wall or floor using the metal plate that is supplied as standard. The tool is robust and also dust and splash-protected to IP 54. It remains fully functional after being dropped from a height of one meter.

Advantages: Bosch GTL 3 Professional

  • With its 45 degree line, laying tiles has never been this fast or easy
  • Simple to use with its one button and LED battery indicator
  • Projects three laser lines for easy parallel and diagonal laying
  • Range of 20 meters with target plate – line accuracy of 0.2 millimeters per metre
  • Lightweight and compact design, and single-button operation
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Working Range With target plate 20m
Accuracy ± 0,2 mm/m, ± 0,4 mm/m between 45° and 90°- line
Laser Class 2
Laser Type 635nm, < 1mW
Protection Class IP54
Batteries 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Operating Time With 2 lines/ 3 lines 18 hrs/12 hrs
Dimension 156 × 102 × 98 mm
Weight 500g
Package GTL-3, Red Target Plate, Metal plate for use with the magnetic base, Protective carry case, 4 Batteries.
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  • Bosch GTL 3 Professional
  • Protective Case
  • Target Plate
  • Metal plate for use with the magnetic base
  • 4 batteries
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