Bosch GLL 5-50X Crossline Laser Level

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Bosch GLL 5-50X Crossline Laser Level

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The Bosch GLL 5-50X Professional is positioned as an advanced level 5-line crossline laser level. It is a simple and easy product which has adequate technical specification and a more competitive pricing. It’s the ideal tool for users doing the basic levelling work in interior area at relatively small job sites!

  • Working Range Lines 15m
  • Working Range Lines with Laser Receiver 50m
  • Working Range Point 5m
  • Soft grip components prevent slipping
  • Projection and leveling accuracy of +/- 0.2mm @ 1m
  • Self leveling function The instrument levels itself in the range of ± 3°
  • Compact – Pocket size for handy usage
  • Easy to Use – Simple & easy interface for various measuring functions
  • Three line laser with a cross beam and one vertical side beam
  • Vivid line visibility and robust design for maximum work efficiency
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Key Features of Bosch GLL 5-50X Professional Laser Level Device

The Bosch GLL 5-50X Professional self-leveling five-line laser level can help with alignment, leveling and squaring needs. Bright laser lines can be used in self-leveling mode or locked in manual mode for sloped applications. The unit features an audio alarm to alert that the tool is out of range in self-leveling mode so you can build with confidence.

  • One horizontal line, four vertical lines at 90 to each other – for level, align and squaring applications
  • Smart pendulum system – self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition; switch slider to lock for transport
  • Five line selection modes – projects five lines independently or together for a wide array of level/align and squaring application
  • Line generator laser level is great for a variety of projects

Bosch GLL 5-50X Professional Laser Level Features

Specifications of Bosch GLL 5-50X Laser Level

Working Range, line 15m
Working Range, line with Laser Receiver 50m
Working Range, point 5m
Levelling Accuracy ±0.2mm/m
Projection 5 lines + 1 plumb point
Self-levelling range ±3°
Laser diode / class 635 – 650nm / 2
Tripod thread size 5/8″
Operating time, max. 24h
Dust and splash protection IP54
Batteries type AA 4 × 1.5 V
Weight 720g
Warranty One Year Warranty

Bosch GLL 5-50X Scope of delivery:

  • Bosch GLL 5-50X
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Tripod Adapter
  • 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • User Manual

Video of Bosch GLL 5-50X Professional Laser Level

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