With the professional detectors you will find magnetic and non-magnetic metals, power cables, wooden substructures or even plastic pipes.

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    Bosch D-TECT 120 Wall and Floor Detection Scanner The Bosch D-tect 120 offers the reliability of radar technology to deliver accuracy on the job. The unit features Spot Detection technology that can detect objects instantly when placed on a wall, panel or floor.

    • SMART TECHNOLOGY: The Bosch D-Tect 120 Wall and Floor Detection Scanner features Spot Detection technology to accurately detect objects behind walls, floors, and panels.
    • ACCURACY: The D-Tect 120 never requires calibration so you can always feel confident with your reads and focus on the task at hand.
    • VERSATILITY: The detection scanner can identify objects in any direction. The D-Tect 120 offers three modes: drywall, universal, and concrete so you can detect “anything in anything”.
    • EASY-TO-USE: The wall and floor scanner is easy to use with it’s traffic light system: Green, nothing detected; orange, something is close; red, object detected.
    • PRECISION: Not only does the D-Tect 120 show you directly detected objects but also shows the direction of nearby objects with arrows.
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    The Bosch D-tect 150 CNT Wall/Floor Scanner with Radar features an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radar technology that delivers a higher range of detection, and this scanner has multi-mode detection capability. It is an ideal tool for construction, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and others who need reliable detection. The tool has seven detection modes, for concrete, wet concrete and more. Before users start a job, they can detect wood studs, metal objects or live wiring in floors and walls. It has a deep detection mode for pipe in concrete of up to 6 inches deep.

    • DETECTION: The Bosch patented Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar technology offers a wide range of detection performance in materials up to 6 inches
    • VERSATILITY: The Bosch D-Tect 150 provides seven detection modes including concrete, wet concrete, deep concrete, in floor heating, drywall, metal and signal view
    • DISPLAY: Features an easy to read color display to indicate depth and location of targeted object, plus mode and detection strength. Maximum detection depth (water-filled plastic pipe) up to 2 to 3/8 inch (60mm)
    • SELF CALIBRATING: Calibration free from the start of detection and continues to self calibrate throughout the project making it ready to use at any time.
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    Bosch GMS 120 digital multi-scanner is an aid in most situations, as its modes cover wood studs, metal objects such as rebar, studs, and steel/copper pipes, and live wiring. It has precise automatic calibration that makes use easier and an automatic center finder, which pinpoints the center spot of the wood or material that has been detected.

    • Maximum reliability: most objects are found and application errors are avoided due to the automatic calibration
    • Reliable detection even of deep-lying objects – up to a depth of 12cm
    • Even more reliable detection of objects due to three-color LED luminous ring
    • Pinpoint indication of the object’s center with the Center Finder scale, and display of material properties
    • Better visibility of the result due to illuminated display
    • Three detection modes for various applications: Drywall mode, metal mode, live cable mode


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