Prexiso P80 – 80m Range

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Prexiso P80 – 80m Range


The Prexiso P80 offers several useful measuring functions and built-in memory that stores the last ten measurements. The product features an end-piece which can be pulled out to measure precisely from edges and corners. These smart features make the Prexiso P80 the most versatile laser distance meter in the Prexiso family.

  • Measuring Range: 0.05m – 80m
  • Measuring Accuracy ± 1.5mm
  • IP54 Protection Class
  • Quick, simple distance and continuos measurement
  • Addition, Subtraction Pythagoras feature
  • Area & Volume Calculation
  • Multi-functional end piece
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Key Features of Prexiso P80 Laser Distance Meter

Make life easy: With the PREXISO P80 you can measure any distance quickly and efficiently. This handy laser measuring instrument is the ideal tool for all distance measurements. With one press of a button you can take measurements in seconds and without assistance – with laser-accuracy: Save time and money – simply measure like the professionals.

The advantages of laser power

A worthwhile comparison!
A laser distance measuring instrument uses laser light ? with pin-point accuracy. So you know exactly where you are measuring to. You can rely on the information displayed. On the other hand, ultrasound instruments measure using sound waves, which propagate from the unit in the shape of a cone and therefore the resulting measurements are inaccurate. Sound waves are deflected by objects or partial obstructions, which leads to measurement errors.

A meter stick or a retractable tape measure works well ? although only over short distances. Measuring distances longer than 1 metre becomes more awkward: sometimes two people have to be involved and therefore the result is less accurate.

From now on – take all your measurements quickly and easily with the PREXISO P80!

Laying Floors
With the PREXISO laser measuring instrument you can quickly calculate the exact area for the quantities of materials required.

Whether it is tiles, carpet or parquet ? the PREXISO P80 gives you the precise area from edge to edge. This is particularly important when calculating the quantities of materials for placing to a particular layout, e.g. where areas of different tiles or patterned arrangements are used. The laser measuring instrument quickly comes up with accurate results, particularly for rooms with many different angles and corners, because the PREXISO P80 calculates the area from the measured dimensions in next to no time.

Covering walls
You can measure from the front or the back of the PREXISO P80 measuring instrument.

With the PREXISO you can measure the required distances from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling at the touch of a button and without any assistance. The PREXISO P80 can measure from the front or back of the instrument to suit how you have positioned it. All you need to do is change the setting – and the laser measuring instrument automatically recognises whether you wish it to measure from the front or back. The display automatically shows the area of your wall covering.

Lining Things Up
Is that picture aligned? No problem for the PREXISO. You can position items exactly with the laser measuring instrument at the touch of a button.

Using only one hand you can measure out distances and line up objects quickly in any room. The PREXISO is all you need. Instead of continuously fiddling about with other measuring devices, the laser instrument gives you results you can rely on, without the errors caused by an uneven background or a difficult room environment. Measuring out is done quickly and smoothly so that every item is soon in its proper place.

Wallpapering and Painting
PREXISO P80 can save you money on renovations as well: you calculate the required quantities exactly: e.g. wallpaper or paint.

You can expect precise results, even when measuring in inaccessible places such as stairwells. Measuring out areas and volumes with the PREXISO can sometimes save you a great deal of money too. For one thing you avoid the type of measurement errors caused by inaccuracies transferred from one step to the next. Another plus is that you can quickly work out how much material you require from the precise measurements recorded by the laser measuring instrument. For example when wallpapering or painting. You can be sure of buying just the amount of material you require and not too much or too little.

Building Design
Design your own four walls with the PREXISO. Whilst the structural walls are being constructed you can check the measurements and progress the detailed design (e.g. kitchen or bathroom planning) – just like the professionals.

To realise the vision of your home will require particular accuracy when taking measurements. Even small measurement errors at the start can result in unnecessary costs, which soon mount up in the later building phases. You can save costs with the PREXISO P80 laser measuring instrument and check the implementation of the plans – just like the professionals. To ensure you have an apartment or house that is made to measure.

Fitting Out
Are you moving house or refitting your home? Every piece of furniture fits perfectly into place thanks to the PREXISO laser measuring instrument.

Will your furniture fit into your new apartment? Where will the new wardrobe go? Are the dimensions right for the kitchen? There are many questions when moving house. However, with the laser measuring instrument you can quickly check the areas and distances in a matter of seconds. The laser precision of the PREXISO can help you refit or refurnish your home. Its measurements will assure you that the new sofa will fit exactly into its chosen position.

Specifications of Prexiso P80 Laser Distance Meter

Minimum Measurement 0.05m / 0.16ft
Maximum Measuring Range 80m / 262ft
Measuring Accuracy ±1.5mm
Measuring Units m, in, ft
Measurements per set of batteries up to 3,000 Measurements
Batteries type AAA 2 × 1.5 V
Protection class IP54
Dimension 117 x 57 x 32 mm
Weight without batteries 105g
Laser Class 2
Warranty Full Two-Year Replacement Warranty.
Country of Origin Hungary

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