First Surface Laser with Invention of the GSL 2 Surface LaserMount Prospect, Ill., June 14, 2012 – Bosch is revolutionizing the surface measurement market with the introduction of the GSL 2 Surface Laser, the world’s first surface laser that continuously checks floor levels and flatness. Eliminating the need for time-consuming floor spot checks and requiring just one person to operate, the GSL 2 provides quick, convenient and accurate tool for daily jobsite use.

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The Bosch GSL 2 can scan the entire floor within minutes and will never miss an uneven spot. A target plate and RC 2 remote control with a working range of 60 feet allow users to remain close to the uneven spots for marking and examination, rather than having to stay near the tool to operate.

Flooring inspectors, screed workers, tillers and various trades people who lay out flooring can determine even surfaces, raised bumps or recesses in the floor with the GSL 2 at a more efficient rate than spirit levels, optical levels, and rotary and line lasers. The GSL 2 can be used with the four included AA 1.5V alkaline batteries or with the Bosch 12V Li-Ion battery pack (not included) for up to 15 hours of operating time, adding the convenience of a dual power source to the user experience.

With accuracy of 1/8 inch at 30 feet, the GSL 2 offers line visibility of 30 feet, increasing to 60 feet when used with the target plate. The tool self-levels in five seconds within a leveling range of ± 4 degrees.

Using the GSL 2 to check floor level and flatness is a simple and fast three-step process:

Step One:

  • Place the GSL 2 at the floor’s benchmark, the level at which the entire floor should match
  • Turn on the laser using the sliding on-off switch located on the side of the tool
  • Adjust the height of the GSL 2 until its two laser lines come together as one on the floor
  • Set the laser using the knob

Step Two:

  • Use the RC 2 remote control to scan the floor surface, making sure to face the GSL 2 as it isoperating. The remote control has 3 different speeds and has the ability to go backto the desired spot both in clockwise & anti clockwise direction.
  • Begin observing the lines on the floor surface

Step Three:

  • Watch as the lines separate at points along the floor, indicating a bump or recess
  • Use the provided easy-to-read target plate to determine the height of deviation at the uneven spot
  • Mark the uneven spot where necessary for re-work

The Bosch GSL 2 is available beginning July 2012 through authorized Bosch distributors nationwide. The GSL 2 kit contains four AA batteries for the GSL 2, an RC 2 remote control and three AAA batteries, a target plate, laser goggles, user manual and an L-Boxx 3 with plastic inlays.

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