Leica DISTO™ apps bring the office to the construction site

(Heerbrugg, 11 December 2012) The smart android apps “Leica DISTO™ sketch” and “Leica DISTO™ transfer” are the ideal interface between the Leica DISTO™ with Bluetooth® and a smart phone or tablet. They allow sketches or photographs to be created and dimensioned quickly, or the transfer of measurements into a chart. The data is subsequently able to be sent directly to the office. This simplifies and speeds up working practices.

Leica DISTO™ sketch – sketching, photographing and precise dimensioning
Irrespective of whether a layout is to be measured up, or a detail such as a window is to be dimensioned, the “Leica DISTO™ sketch” simplifies the job. Create a sketch or photograph and transfer the dimensions from Leica DISTO™ via Bluetooth®. This ensures that all measurements are documented and can be allocated after returning to the office. Record a complete batch of sketches and send it directly to the office via email.

Leica DISTO™ transfer – Excel tables and “Just in Time” quotations
Do you have to take a sequence of measurements which you want to present in an Excel document? With the “Leica DISTO™ transfer” this is no problem. It is also possible to make calculations in an Excel file, in order to check control dimensions or create a quotation on site for discussion with your customer. The possibilities this opens up are tremendous.

Leica DISTO™ with Bluetooth® and your android device – the up-to-date professional way of working
Make full use of the benefits of the latest developments in smart phone and tablet technology. Today’s professionals utilize the very latest technology. Don’t miss the significant advantages of going online with your Leica DISTO™.

The following Leica DISTO™ devices are supported:

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