Bosch Introduces Multi-Use GCL 25 Five-Point Laser with Cross-LineMount Prospect, Ill., June 14, 2012 – Bosch is expanding the multi-use laser market with the launch of its new Bosch GCL 25 five-point self-leveling alignment laser with cross-line. Designed for tradesman who are in need of a more versatile and multi-functioning tool for daily use, the GCL 25 is the ultimate solution for all short-distance leveling and transfer applications.

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Equipped with a five point laser and a cross line laser in one tool, the GCL 25 saves time, money and space by removing the need for users to purchase and set up two lasers on the jobsite. The tool’s simple one-button operation can be used to quickly switch between its multiple self-leveling modes and its slope mode, making it a laser that increases productivity on the job-site.

The tool’s five laser points are visible up to 100 feet and offer accuracy of ¼ inch for points and 1/8 inch for cross-line, with laser line visibility of up to 33 feet. A keypad can be used for simple line and point selection including self-leveling, plumb up and down, horizontal leveling, alignment, right angle setting and laser cross-line. The cross lines add value to a typical point laser as it is able to provide alignment applications such as measuring off the level line.

In self-leveling mode, the GCL 25 offers a leveling range of 4 degrees and alerts users with flashing lines when there is an out-of-level measure of greater than 4 degrees. An on-off sliding button provides a pendulum lock function for protection during transport, while sturdy product design keeps the tool fully protected against dust and splash water.

Innovative features make the GCL 25 ideal for a multitude of leveling, squaring, transfer and plumbing applications such as:

  • Transferring points to the ceiling or lighting installations using plumb points
  • Leveling wall sockets, light switches and chair rails, and most other leveling applications
  • Squaring for room partitions or walls using the five-point mode
  • Laying out frame tracks for both metal and wood framing applications

The Bosch GCL 25 is available July 1st through authorized Bosch distributors nationwide. Included with the laser are batteries and a protective pouch. Optional accessories are a magnetic target, WM1 mount, DLA001 Laser glasses and BP 350 Telescoping Pole System.

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