Turns your iPhone into a laser distance meter


The Prexiso iC4 is world’s first iPhone accessory that allows you to measure distances accurately using the latest Swiss laser technology. The compact iC4 is an innovative product for all iPhone 4/4S users. With the iC4 and the free Prexiso App you can start measuring with your iPhone. Impress your family, friends or clients by using the Prexiso iC4 for any tasks where measurements are required:

  • Calculating distances and surfaces of floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Measuring dimensions of furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.
  • Identifying how much paint and wallpaper is required in a room
  • Moving or setting up a new home
  • Planning the design of an interior space
  • Measuring the heights of your children
  • And many others…

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The Prexiso iC4 laser distance meter offers numerous advantages compared to traditional measuring methods.

Innovative and cool

As an iPhone user, you feel comfortable with technology and innovation, and you can handle them with ease. The Prexiso iC4 is a unique iPhone accessory that offers the latest Swiss laser technology for measuring tasks. This is not merely a laser pointer with a non-functional iPhone app – this is a real product innovation with an integrated software solution. The Prexiso iC4 is ideal for professional or personal use. It is also the perfect gift for gadget lovers, architects, real estate agents, or anybody who needs to measure distances.


If you have an iPhone, you probably could not imagine your life without it. The Prexiso iC4 allows you to do more with your iPhone by providing you an iPhone compatible professional laser measuring solution.  You  don’t  need  to  buy  a special measuring tool, just use your iPhone, and take advantage of the familiar interface and simply measure within seconds.

Accurate and safe

The Prexiso iC4 helps you avoid inaccurate estimates and measuring mistakes. It can be used for much longer distances than a metre stick or measuring tape by making   precise   laser   measurements.   Measure   with   your   iPhone   like professionals and it’s perfectly safe for your eyes.

Saves you time

How many times have you been unable to measure dimensions, distances or volumes because you forgot to bring a tool along? Have you ever struggled when using a metre stick or a measuring tape? If this sounds familiar, the Prexiso iC4 is the right solution for you. It only takes a second to connect the it to the iPhone and  less  than  a  second  to  make  a  measurement by  simply  touching  your iPhone’s screen.

You don’t need a separate measuring tool if you have an iPhone 4/4S already – get a Prexiso iC4 and use it everywhere and any time you need to simply measure.

Available  from  November 2012 online  at  Amazon.com  and  in  selected  Apple Premium Resellers. Discover the features and benefits of the Prexiso iC4 by  visiting  its  webpage  ic4.prexiso.com.  Follow  the  Prexiso  iC4  on Facebook:    www.facebook.com/PREXISO.iC4    and    other    social    media networks.    In     order    to     download    the    Prexiso     App     go     to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prexiso/id573442551?l=de&ls=1&mt=8.

The Prexiso iC4 is now compatible with:

  • MagicPlan 2.4 – a utility app for creating floor plans with over 2 million downloads. The Prexiso iC4 enhances it with the most accurate and reliable measurements.

In the near future the Prexiso iC4 will also be supported by the following apps:·

  • My Measures & Dimensions – 5 million users app for storing and sharing objects dimensions. Now, with the Prexiso iC4 simple measuring with an iPhone is possible too.
  • Dimensions  –  the  best-selling  measuring  app  in  several  countries utilizing  sonar  technology  and  iPhone’s  camera.  The  Prexiso  iC4 provides it now with laser-precise measurements.

Prexiso iC4 works with the iPhone 5 as well!

Download the Prexiso App v. 1.1, connect the iPhone 5 with the Prexiso iC4 via Apple lightning connector and start measuring with your iPhone 5!

Prexiso iC4 iPhone 5 Attachment

Prexiso AG is a young Swiss company that specializes in offering simple and affordable measurement tools for everyone. Developed for both professional and occasional users, Prexiso’s robust tools guide complete everyday measuring tasks with ease. Prexiso products are designed in Switzerland to ensure that each product is ready for every work environment. Prexiso AG also utilizes a world-wide network of distribution partners.